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With 4.7 million passengers per year, Eindhoven Airport is the largest regional airport in the country. The Airport has great plans to grow, but at the same time still values that comfortable experience of a small airport. They asked IN10 to help them improve their entire customer journey to relieve travel stress of passengers and make every touchpoint as easy as possible. I helped by designing their new online platform.

Eindhoven Airport

Made at:

Lead Visual Design

A new proposition

In partnership, IN10 developed a new proposition ‘Always Easy’. This formed the base for all online and offline communication and services. We wanted to make Eindhoven Airport to provide the right kind of information as simple as possible and exactly at the right moment. With this brand movie we shared the new story to employees and travelers.


New online platform 

The new online platform was to make every aspect as easy as possible. Besides all functional information, we wanted to add value in other moments during the customer journey. In the orientation phase of booking a journey, we helped visitors with getting a sneak peak of over 70 destinations. We help taking away stress with tips about packing your bags, staying fit during a flight and other easy tips. 


Airline icons

For all the airlines of the airport we wanted to find a unique and unconventional way to display the different brands. Besides that we created icons for in the menu so travelers find their information more intuitively.